Möbius strip library building

I’ve often bemoaned the fact that more innovative architecture seems to have fled my Canadian homeland to be replaced with boring commercial buildings maximizing rental receipts. Especially for public architecture, I wish we’d get as brave as this:

Kazhakstan National Library

The Bjarke Injels Group (BIG) won the competition for the design of Kazakhstan’s National Library, a flowing twist of metal and glass shaped like a Möbius strip! Stellar. It’s a continuous circulation möbius Strip, as the result of 2 interlocking structures: the perfect circle and the public spiral.

I imagine they’ll make back everything they spent from filming fees for all the scifi productions wanting to use it for location.

Make sure you check out the link and see how it’s going to be constructed and shots of the interior and how it will work. Brilliant.

via Neatorama.