This election is boring

Crikey’s Rundle had to say (annoyingly behind the Crikey paywall but well worth the read) about the low down on how crap this election here in Australia is. With nine days to go, I’m despondent about the state of kanga democracy. Australians deserve better. The state of this election is shameful.

Have I got that right? I mean have I got that right? Cos I don’t know how the election looks from over there, but from over here… it looks like sh-t. Beyond sh-t. Meta-sh-t.

M’esteemed colleague Dr Bahnisch asked why, given so many people think this election is boring, what with all the hi-jinks and pile in of ex-PMs… The answer is because boredom arises not from a lack of activity, but from a lack of meaningful activity.

This election is boring… – because the disconnect between a genuine public political process, and what is going on now, is so total that anything can now follow from anything, and none of it presents a real case about how we should organise things, how we should live our lives, which is what politics is meant to be about.

Kinda thankful I can’t vote actually.