I build technology products, companies, and teams. Mostly with code and data. Usually successfully.

Details available in my CV.

I’m currently VP Product and Acting VP Engineering at Blackpanda, Asia’s leading cybersecurity, incident response, and cyberinsurance startup. We’re building resilience for SMEs across APAC building a platform to prepare for, prevent, and respond to cyberattacks.

2023 - VP Product & Acting VP Engineering Blackpanda Hong Kong
2020 - 2023 Global VP Data Delivery Hero Singapore/Berlin
2017 - 2020 VP Data Traveloka Singapore/Jakarta
2013 - 2017 Managing Director, APAC Pivotal Labs/Neo Innovation Singapore

Further back, I notably headed global technology at Amnesty International, the world’s largest human rights organization, and was Directeur Technique of France’s 5th largest private investment bank.

Off work, I’m an avid traveller and involved with conservation, science, and wildlife causes. I study astrophysics for personal interest (and future PhD aspirations). I code open source and personal projects in Go, Python, and Ruby. I strive to scribble good tales, well told. And I’m an over-enthusiastic snowboarder, snorkeler, and animal-chasing trekker.

For secure communications, please use my main gpg public key, id 3F20 A015 3E1D 7043. You can import it directly into gpg with curl https://keybase.io/wakatara/pgp_keys.asc?id=3F20A0153E1D7043 | gpg --import.