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Desktop tools I use - 2017 edition

I love reading The Setup where people share their tools and workflows. I’ve sniped some great tools from their posts. And back in 2003 when I started the blog, one of my most popular posts was about the tools I’d moved over to as an Apple switcher and early adaptor. Time for a 2017 refresh post.

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Easy Excel exports from Padrino

At some point in the lifecycle of any useful application you write, there will be a request to get something out of your system in Excel format. Here’s an easy, transparent method to get downloadable Excel reports out of your Padrino app.

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Mapping global viral epidemics in real time

The intersection of datascience and epidemiology offers amazing opportunities to enhance quality of life for vast swathes of at-risk people. A new superpower conferred by the advent of cheap, rapid genetic sequencing. It might even help us avert the increasingly likely risk of the next global pandemic.

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