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Looking for a Linux laptop

With a Macbook 12” update unsighted in two years, and Apple releasing a revamped Macbook Air last year, I started considering whether my next laptop needed to be Linux. Surprisingly though, the issue became not so much Linux as the OS, as PC laptop hardware available. Early 2019, this is how I saw my options.

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A better GTD and CRM flow for emacs org-mode

This was my attempt to remix org-mode to remix my work mode in Taskpaper with the all the benefits of org-mode for note taking, tracking and being date-aware.

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Static site hosting on Amazon S3 with SSL, http/2, and Amazon's Cloudburst CDN

I’ve been using this hosting setup for three years now to make my blog fast, cheap, secure, SEO-friendly, and using commodity cloud resources to host it. This is the HOWTO.

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