Daryl Manning

Maker and purveyor of finely-wrought geekery and well-run companies. Unrepentant travel junkie, snowboarding yeti, submarine explorer, and pro-am archaeologist.

Currently on mini-sabbatical.

Former Managing Director @ Pivotal Labs/Neo APAC.

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  1. Easy Excel exports from Padrino

    At some point in the lifecycle of any useful application you write, there will be a request to get something out of your system in Excel format. Here’s an easy, transparent method to get downloadable Excel reports out of your Padrino app. Read on...

    dev ruby padrino

  2. Mapping global viral epidemics in real time

    The intersection of datascience and epidemiology offers amazing opportunities to enhance quality of life for vast swathes of at-risk people. A new superpower conferred by the advent of cheap, rapid genetic sequencing. It might even help us avert the increasingly likely risk of of the next global pandemic. Read on...

    datasci genetics health python

  3. Securing Padrino apps with https and ssl on Heroku

    Let’s Encrypt has done an amazing job of making https the new normal for web sites and helping create a more secure and private internet by giving away free, automatic ssl certificates to domain owners. Read on...

    dev ruby padrino devops security

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