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Renewing SSL security certs with Amazon's Certificate Manager

For those who followed my original post a year ago on how to get a site up with a static site generator, serverlessly, that is blazing fast, you're going to need to renew your security certificate soon. This is how that's done through Amazon Certificate Manager via Let's Encrypt.

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The Information Overload GTD flow

You're awash in a sea of information. How do you pay attention to the vital information you need to? How do you acquire quality new information when the volume on everything is at 11? This is what I'm experimenting with from a GTD perspective to deal with the firehose.

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Software Tools I Use - 2020 edition

Every year, I post on the software tools and workflows I'm using. I always pick up tips from seeing other people's posts outlining their tools and workflows and it's helped tweak and improve my toolchain to squeeze out extra productivity. This is what the end of 2019 looked like in tooling.

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