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Archiving in emacs org-mode

Emacs org-mode’s focus on plaintext organizing files is surprisingly powerful. However, archiving files to keep thing lean and fast becomes important as your corpus grows. To fit with my GTD style, I took an alternative approach to org-mode’s native archiving and automated it.

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Email flow for GTD

The Emacs org-mode system from last post is supported by a fairly simple, robust email flow designed to GTD and keep me at Inbox Zero and not overwhelmed with mail or have things fall through the cracks. This is how it runs.

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Easing into Emacs org-mode

Productivity gains compound. So, every year I experiment tweaking my GTD system to get better at goals, planning, and, well… Getting Things Done. This is how things have gone otg-more so far compared with the Taskpaper system I’ve been using for most of the previous five years.

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