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Desktop tools I use - 2018 edition

It’s time for the 2018 refresh of the Desktop tools I use. I’m amazed what changes year-to-year as I try to simplify and clarify my toolchain and productivity.

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2017 Reading List and Recommendations

From the 48 books I completed in 2017 this is what I think you should add to your own lists and why (and some you just might want to). More importantly, a Do Not Read list to save you valuable time.

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Supercharging Padrino admin with Datatables, will_paginate, and RABL

One of the best things about Padrino is the drop-in admin generator (inspired by Django’s) that makes building simple, robust apps that need to work, run, and be admin-ed by real people a pleasure to work with. At some point though, the natural limits of the default generator will need to be extended as you return huge numbers of records. This is one battle-tested approach we used to be able to paginate and search across 7000+ records via ajax and DataTables setup with will_paginate when the default Padrino admin hit its limits.

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