Best City in the World analysis contest

This is a contest near and dear to my heart since every year I’m always a little scandalized at “Most Livable” and “Best City” league tables from various organizations every year. Especially having lived in some fairly prominent world capitals and livable cities (Paris, London, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto etc.). I want to figure this out to an answer I can agree with from my own experience, since it might finally answer the question of where I should live definitively.

So, the Economist Intellgence Unit and BuzzData (like GutHub for data) want you to prove it and then come up with a visualization to communicate it and there’s $10k in it for the winners. So figure out what factors you would include that are missing. Cuz therein probably lies the rub.

Seriously, anyone want to throw in with me to form a team? Deadline is March 4th. (I’m wakatara on BuzzData if you want to hit me up there.).

I have to say, on top of this contest, I’ve always thought having a rolling online application that updates this constantly based on a number of measures, as well as does projections on up and comers and those going into decline (with all the life decision type options - where to move to look for a job, partner, cultural enrichment or retirement) would be a winner.