Meaningful Work

Wow, Umair Haque does it again admonishing us to Create a Meaningful Life Through Meaningful Work and telling us to ask some of the really big questions about the stuff we’re doing day to day while reflecting on the tedious BS of the illustriati in Manhattan this week. I like his call to get lethally serious about stuff that matters.

So here’s a tiny hypothesis: maybe the real depression we’ve got to contend with isn’t merely one of how much economic output we’re generating — but what we’re putting out there, and why. Call it a depression of human potential, a tale of human significance being willfully squandered…

Does what you’re doing now stand the Test of:

  1. Time?
  2. Excellence?
  3. You?

Hard questions to answer for a lot of us. Read the whole thing, it’s worth the peruse and think time. While you can still have a meaningful life without ever working, or find meaning in other ways, it’s a good meditation.