The Debate Is Over - Climate Crisis Smackdown

While I find it hard to believe that there can still be sceptics on the climate change front, the fact is climate change deniers are on the uptick as the mighty PR machines that fuel lobbyists and crackpots swings into line against solid scientific evidence, major environmental campaigns and movies like An Inconvenient Truth (check out for instance, these very scary ads from a fossil fuel funded lobby group (dead link unsurprisingly).

Worldchanging has the right idea. Just point the trolls at one global page to be referenced worldwide by everybody that states:

In other words, the debate is over. It’s just over. Climate change is here, it’s scarier than we thought, we’re causing it, and (especially in combination with other large-scale environmental and social problems) it’s going to demand radical innovation and major reforms.

Why? Because the debate is over. The trolls are not interested in learning about the science or debating the facts. They are there simply to disrupt conversation on how to take action. Responding just fatigues, angers and eventually baits and cheapens the responder. Deleting the comments is censorship which is morally unpalatable and worse makes it appear like dissent is being silenced instead of the issue being closed. And ignoring them just makes them louder and prevents the truth from being spread.

And time’s a wasting.

I do like this idea. WorldChanging is looking for some help on what to put in the “Universal Climate Skeptic Response Post.”