Rural Indian women with big sticks

OK, I have to admit I love hearing stories about people who realize their own power in the face of oppression (seriously, I didn’t just take that job at AI for my ego). And let’s face it, domestic abuse is a real problem in so many countries, so kinda absolutely lurv the idea of intimidating gangs of stick wielding pink-saried women - gulabis - giving wife abusers the what for.

Unsurprisingly, the leader of the movement has a long list of charges pending against her, much as you’d expect of any self-respecting, modern day Robin Hood. I also love the fact she goes village to village on a bicycle.

The silver lining here is that while Indian democracy is too weak to deliver on the gender equality that is inscribed in its constitution, it is strong enough not to crush movements like the pink gang. This is also thanks to the free media, which has boomed since the ’90s and which glorifies the work of the gulabis.

Anyhow, the bravery it must have taken to do this, especially in rural India, is great, so read with respect.

via BoingBoing.