ReclaimPrivacy shows what Facebook is sharing about you

The recent changes in Facebook’s privacy policies are civil rights eroding and a maze of complexity in my personal opinion. Even being careful, using this bookmarklet showed me I was still leaking information despite my best intentions at plugging all the holes. So, if you value your privacy I really advise using it to make sure you’re sharing only what you want to share (and particularly now that your friends can inadvertently share information about you you wouldn’t want being shared).

For example, I’d assumed with changes I’d made in the past that I was not leaking any info. Even so, the scan by the bookmarklet showed I was very wrong :

Reclaim privacy for me

And I’m hardly a slouch at this whole Internet thing. So, protect yourself and make sure you’re only sharing what you want to share.

ReclaimPrivacy’s bookmarklet lets you drag their handy Scan for Privacy link to your bookmark bar. You then go to Facebook, log in and hit the bookmark. It scans and checks your settings and lets you know what you are sharing and gives you the links to correct it. Awesome, simple genius. Love it.