Guerrilla Solar

Ah yes, combining popular civil disobedience and positive environmentalism, I am *compelled<*to point to the this great little howto on setting up your own solar panels and feeding back into the grid. Very handy if you’re out in the boondocks and no one is looking. Of course, today is the first sun we’ve had in quite a few weeks here.

As pointed out in the article, this is probably not legal where you are without proper permits, but let’s face it, microgeneration and conservation are probably a big part of the future and aren’t you just a little tired of the big dead dinosaur co’s and big utility inc. dragging their feet over making it easier for you ? I know in the Valley here, Fortis has yet to allow net metering which is a crime.

Anyhow, great reading to get you thinking of spring projects (dead link) on this very sunny groundhog day that are easy on the earth. Or fantasize about negative electricity bills, the power company paying you, and your power meter spinning backwards.

Of course, I could just be giddy from the sunshine this morning.