Government of Canada abolished and replaced with 'the Harper government'

I honestly thought this was a joke until it was on the CBC. And hey, how about using taxpayer-funded government resources to fundraise got your party. Remember when elected representatives used to respect democratic principles, their country and the national electorate?

I hope this gets reversed really quickly. It’s a total mockery of the institution of Canadian democracy and an abuse of the Prime Minister’s Office.

When do we get to vote this clown out again? I think the thing that makes me even angrier here is the elected representative for my riding (Day) brushing it off as inconsequential and maybe looking into if there is enough of a political outcry.

But seriously, we’ve always been at war with Oceania. Really.

PS> If you’re tired of this sort of behaviour from Canadian politicians, please consider joining and helping bring back some power to Canadian democracy (disclaimer: I am one of the people helping launch LeadNow/a l’Action.).

via BoingBoing.