Wordpress 1.5 Changes

The mighty Matt articulated the full changes made to Wordpress 1.5 for the Strayhorn release . You’ll notice AWWS is already up and running with 1.5.

Cliff Notes version for the ADD afflicted:

  • Easier template and theming system
  • Gorgeous new default template (Kubrick !)
  • More robust content management beyond blog content
  • Great comment management (and better spam blocking)
  • Refined administration
  • Faster, more secure, smaller, cuter, etc (overall size less than 1.2 !)
  • Still free (as always)

I’ve had the release up from about an hour after it was in the wild and I’ve noticed (or perhaps imagined) that it seems to run much smoother. Cleaner code, faster execution, and maybe it’s just my imagination but I actually detect a hint of lemony freshness too.

Seriously ecstatically happy with my blog since running Wordpress and it has been trouble free and effortless (as a blog should be). If you’re thinking of putting one up and joining the Jones’, I recommend it highly and if you’re thinking of switching I heartily encourage it.

You can download WP 1.5 right here .