Warning sigil added to habitctl habit tracker

Rust is addictive. Added a warning sigil feature into the Rust-based habitctl minimalist habit tracker CLI.

Continuing on from a couple of weeks back, I decided to add the Warns feature I’d been wanting in habitctl.

The original author has still not merged my feature PRs, so I’ve just continued to add in the features I wanted.

Up his week, I sometimes have this issue where I don’t notice a habit is about to be broken from being satisfied (or skipped). Mostly this is because the usual “?” sigil for the latest day ends up not letting you know if that would potentially be the last chance you have to not bfreak the chain in your Seinfeld chain/consistency graph.

Now, if you’re on the last day of a satisfied (or skipified) habit the Unknown sigil will transform to an Warning sigil denoted by an exclamation mark (!) to let you know you better perform the habit if you want to keep your chain unbroken and your pretty consistency chains looking good.

I’ve coded up the change and am about to put in a pull request to the main repo, but if you can’t wait, you can grab the “Warns” improvement as well as other past improvements (a small score fix, Skips capability, and updated documentation) from the wakatara habitctl fork.

I hope you find it useful. I’m already quite pleased with it. Enjoy!

And do let me know if there are any issues or you’ve got feedback @awws.