Two fantastic pieces of software released

I’m constantly shocked at the quality of software that is consistently available on the OSX platform every day. Despite my love of all things linux and a need to move back to ubuntu based laptops to start walking my own talk, OSX makes it harder every day.

Today, for instance, Actiontastic, the Getting Things Done app with tight integration for rapid to do making via Quicksilver announced it would be completely free as in beer and speech. Yep, better than what commercial companies have tried to develop, the developer has open sourced it as well. I’ve been using it in beta for a while now and have to say it has really allowed me to focus on the things I really need to get done at work. Highly recommended.

And secondly, Journler, my favourite journal and almost-good-enough-to-replace-MarsEdit blogging engine just released a new version at 2.5. It’s nice, fast, slick and while it drops some features I was very partial to (encryption support, for instance), it seems much more responsive and peppy than the 2.0.x series. I also like how it makes it easier to write with a full screen mode and you have to really love its low light mode toggle (the developer obviously really writes like his users do). I can’t wait to use that on a plane to save battery power as well.

And no doubt, you’ll all have noticed how far behind I am on my blogging these days (it’s work I tell you! My job is just too much fun!). So, this is not just the first blog in a while but also a test of Journler’s updated blogging facility.