Tiger's Rough Bumps

I’m really surprised at how few things have broken since moving to Tiger. I was relaly expecting it to be much more jarring and for a lot more things to have problems, but with a few exceptions things have been unbelievably smooth.

Quicksilver, one of my favourite apps seems to be having a bit of trouble and even an update today seems not to have fixed it. MenuCalendar as well though it’s more a nice to have than a need to have.

Cisco’s VPN client is rather sadly not working which has locked me out of the corporate network rather annoyingly and put a serious curb on my productivity this week.

The mission critical BitTorrent was also broken but an update was released so fast this morning that I didn’t really even notice.

Most everything else released updates before Tiger came out which means that it’s been a nice little transition. Just waiting for the laggards or the minor tweaks now, but overall hard to complain.