Think of travel as a metaphor for how you live your life at home

Fantastic Do lecture from “Vagabonding”’s Rolf Potts, traveller extraordinaire, on taking some lessons from approaching travel to how you should live your real life. Definitely worth your time to watch the whole thing.

Best quote: “Life does not reward you with free time, you need to create it."

Breaking his advice down into themes, it basically covers these 9 (I think):

  1. Time = Wealth
  2. Be Where You Are
  3. Slow Down
  4. Keep It Simple
  5. Don’t Set Limits
  6. Quality over Quantity
  7. The journey is more important than the destination
  8. Seek people
  9. Life is a journey

PS> If you havent' read his book, Vagabonding, you owe it to yourself to do so.