The Reboot

When I moved to Singapore and got super busy building out Neo, the blog really started to become neglected.

It had always been a bit of a strange beast, meandering over 12 years and a hodge-podge mashup of travelogue, personal observations (more suitable to a journal), re-shared material, and things both professional and peripherally relevant or focused on work I was doing.

Lack of focus on something relevant and useful for readers (despite a handful of very popular posts) made me realize it was more for me than a reading audience, and made me feel it was time for a relaunch around the public service I had always intended the blog to be. And a higher commitment to quality over cruft.

I’ve sifted useful (or at least, interesting) material, moved non-relevant material to my journal, and just generally cleaned things up a bit and made them much faster. This is the result.

The goal here is going to be to write a useful weekly post on technical, business, strategy, gtd, and data science matters.

So, this is the reboot.