Some new OSX software you need to check out

Scarily, most of the most popular posts on my blog are not about my fascinating rock-star lifestyle, but actually revolve around:

  1. Getting your iPod unstuck (all time highest)
  2. A macro I wrote way back for converting Word docs to dokuwiki
  3. Software I use on my mac

It’s been ages since I wrote about the software I use on my desktop, and it definitely needs a refresh as the changes are huge compared to when I first posted on what was on the desktop, but I did want to draw some attention to some new apps that are out recently that are definitely worthy of attention.

OmniFocus (in alpha but using daily)

I really try to live the GTD (Getting Things Done) system. I’m no expert but I am getting very good at using QuickSilver to capture just about everything and then filing it away for when I can get to things (my biggest problem is that whevener I am in the office, getting substantive work done between meetings and interruptions is impossible. I started with Actiontastic, which was good, and then moved over to iGTD which was even better (both are free), but there is something about OmniFocus that has held me since I first got a chance to start messing with the early alphas. Simplicity of interface, lack of distraction or just ease of use, I’m using it daily now to manage things and unless I decide to move back to another app it’s likely to stay my GTD application for some time (though i have to admit the $39.95 USD price tag they are probably going to ask for will bring me up short most likely over its free competitors).

MarsEdit 2.0 (upgrade)

Just came out today and is what I’m writing this on. I’ve been using MarsEdit while it was with Ranchero and was happy when they got bought and it went over to Red Sweater Software. The interface change makes a little getting used to but I have to say I love the Flickr integration and improved photo posting features an the design is as simplistic and perfect as possible. Even though Journler now lets you post to Wordpress, I still use MarsEdit whenever I think of a posting I need to write.

Handbrake (free)

Just released a new version of its excellent ripping and encoding software and it now finally beats the pants off of MactheRipper which was the program I used forever to take DVDs and put them on my hard drive for trips (though now seems to be causing problems since I went from PPC to Intel). Handbrake now rips and encodes so it even compresses your DVD files down to a handy 700MB(ish) file ready for watching when you’re in planes, trains or hotel rooms and your DVD is long on its way back to lovefilm. Lot more room on the hard drive needed for films when they’re not weighing in at 7+GB each.