Seeing Old Age as a Never-Ending Adventure

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OMG, I cannot tell you how much I love seeing this article. There is hope for me yet that just isn’t me being optimistic about being half as cool as my grandparents in later life. Cause if anyone thinks I want my life to be much, much different from the progress I’ve made up to know is going to be sorely disappointed.

Seeing Old Age as a Never-Ending Adventure

And this is, in fact, dedicated to my super cool Nan and GrandDad, whatever “Monkey Island” they may be on at this moment, as they confound their children trying to locate them. ;-)

Update 3am: You know I was just thinking about this a little more and forgot to mention that when I was in the high Andes on the Camino Inca to Macchu Piccu a 65 year old guy with a walking stick walked right past my friend and I. He seemed happy as any person I’d ever seen. And that was nearly 15 years ago now. So…