Pushr for painless github deploys and notification

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, it’s probably not hard to figure out that I really, really like git and capistrano. They’ve made my development and deployment better and much less painful. I’ve also been using github quite a bit lately (as well as pondering here on the ranch how we need to redesign our set of development and deployment tools in order to gain some consistency over our php, java and rails development as well as make them as painless and easy as possible).

Pushr is pretty cool. Basically, it allows non-techies to do deployment via a simple github push (very handy where designers and web front end people and the like need to push deploys but don’t know enough technically so do things like cap deploy on the command line or check into repositories). It also does twitter updates which make things very handy (would love it if it also pushed to xmpp, but hey… ). Karmi has already thumped some improvements into it and it’s looking real promising from my perspective.

Oh, and I should also point out that Karmi is also the guy behind the Sinatra-based, developer-friendly Marley blogging engine which I seriously considered replacing both Simplelog and WP with last month.