NPR's Top 100 SciFi and Fantasy books list

Not sure how the hell I missed this, but NPR, proprietors of such awesomeness as Ira Glass' This American Life and other brain food, solicited their erudite and obviously attractive listenership for a top 100 works of scifi and fantasy books list. 5000 entries, 100 toppers.

NPR’s Top 100 SciFi and Fantasy Books

Besides the scary fact of how many of them I’ve read, I still though it was an interesting list especially in light of Neal Stephenson’s amazing article in World Policy on Innovation Starvation about how SF was failing the world now (but really a diatribe against loss of grit and big risk taking in doing Big Things™). Seriously, read it, it’s a fantastic article. Cause even though we’re living in the future, we don’t seem to be doing much about it.

Anyhow, pick something out you’ve never read before and go to it, gentle readers. If you need a funky visualization to help you along, SFSignal has an incredible roadmap to help you navigate, choose by your tastes, and help you along.

NPRs Top 100 SciFi and Fantasy Books

And for those wondering, I counted an even 50 of the top 100 that I’ve read (yes, I am that geeky). And yes, I’ve already pulled down three books onto my iPad via Amazon 1-Click for near-future consumption.


815a80b @ 2020-08-10