Novels Everyone Should Read

I’ve gushed over Information is Beautiful ’s work a few times here, and this is actually almost mind-readingly topical as I was looking for a few great novels to queue up in my reading list since it’s a little non-fiction heavy and one of my goals for the year is interspersing some good novels between the hard core stuff. I was actually looking at a Top 100 book list the other day.

<figure> <img src="" alt="Novels everyone should read" /> </figure>

IiB ended up figuring out a “consensus cloud” of fifteen different Top Books lists to come up with the books that everyone agrees you should read. Only way you could make this better is having it link directly to the Gutenburg (or Amazon) links to grab those books. ;-) If you want to see the full analysis of the books (and the various lists, look no further than here for a nice spreadsheet .

Anyway, reminded me of a few good ones that I’ve always meant to knock off on my list. I think Milan Kundera is next. Time to fire up the iPad Kindle app! (oh, and in case you were wondering, I’ve actually read a surprising percentage of these over the years.).

(and btw, the large print for To Kill a Mockingbird is so well deserved. If you haven’t read it, drop anything else you are reading and make it your next novel. It is fantastic.).