Jonezing for the snows

This is made of pure awesome. JP Auclair street skiing segment. I love the parkour style (filmed in my old stomping grounds in BC!). I have to admit it’s made my feet even more itchy to get some snowboarding in. Back to Canada? Japan perhaps? It’s too long to wait till Southern Hemisphere winter here in Kangaland I think. (insert long wistful sigh of longing here). Vid starts slow, so for the tl;dr crowd, bounce to the 2:00 mark for the extreme awesome. HD and fullscreen, please.

Posting here on the blog since the tweet of it was removed from YouTube (illegal rip from film) whereas the nice, nice people at Sherpas Cinemas have released this legally for your edification and viewing pleasure.

Um, yes and I’m sure some people here are thinking I should not whinge considering I was just reef diving last week, but you know… SNOW!!!


815a80b @ 2020-08-10