Dr. Horrible and Joss Whedon's Latest

I don’t think there is anything Joss Whedon has ever done that I haven’t liked; Buffy, Angel, and the brilliant, yet sadly gone-before-its-time by Fox Firefly have given me an appreciation of this guy’s writing (hell, I even like the “Grr! Argh!” of the mutant enemy animation at the end of all his shows.).

He works the web like few others do, regularly hangs out in fan forums and plugs into his reader and viewership like few others.

So, I’m not sure what to make of his latest, Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer. OK,a supervillain musical sounds somewhat plausible, and there is no question that the singing Buffy episode is probably amongst most of my female friends' favourites.

However, I still watched it like a fan boy, and even though I’m not a fan of musicals, I have to say I enjoyed the episodic immensely (and tuned in today to watch the finale).

Now I’m kinda wondering where it goes from here. Is he moving it into the stable at Dark Horse comics? Is it an indirect pilot for a show ? Not sure if its intentions are modest or grand but you have to give a tip of the hat to the guy.

More than anything though, I think it does demonstrate that excellent writing, and some low budgets can pull off some extremely interesting stuff on the internets.

(another interesting thing was the use of Hulu as the video serving. Have to admit it was extremely high quality and smooth).


815a80b @ 2020-08-10