Bronies and Real Men

I already tweeted this, but it was such an amazingly interesting video, I’m posting it on the blog.

PBS Idea Channel on the phenomenon of My Little Pony lovers in the young, male demographic and changing ideas about masculinity. Have to admit to never having run across PBS Idea Channel before, but being super impressed with this as an intellectual inquiry.

Being a non-traditional kind of guy (yeah, not so into the watching sports on tv, fast cars, and playing XBox till my fingers fall off.) I find this interesting because, at least growing up, there was definite pressure on conforming into accepted “male” roles if not outright sterotypes. Not doing so reflected upon not just your social status, but also implied sexuality. It made me a very socially awkward teen, an overly competitive and achievement obsessed young adult and it was a long time before I was comfortable with the fact that I just didn’t fit into the “normal” guy mode (in fact, I’d still say it’s a problem in terms of dating where women influence these gender biases as much as men.).

So, I’m glad to see these things slowly eroding and fascinated by this conversation in general. And well delivered for a fast, interesting sound bite to be devoured (in fact, I’m downloaded MLP now just to check it out.)

Also, check out the other videos on the PBS Idea Channel. Absolutely awesome blend of intellectually charged inquiry with internet pop culture ideas.