Amazing Dolphin video from GoPro

This clip is just amazing. I have to admit swimming with wild dolphins at Kaikoura was perhaps one of the most amazingly enjoyable things I have ever done, but I would have lost it seeing this video footage.

Even more amazingly, the whole thing was captured with a simple GoPro camera (a Hero2 with the dive casing and a home-built “torpedo”, apparently.). In any case, just watching this puts you in a better mood. Dolphin amazingness starts just after 1m30.

I have a GoPro myself and this is precisely how I want it to be used. =] You can never have enough shots and video of cetaceans. Just thinking about how a GoPro and the OpenROV underwater robot would pretty much be the bomb.

Hmmm… That also reminds me I need to book in for some whale watching later this month after I’m back from snowboarding in a few weeks.

(via BoingBoing)