Blog: Roll Your Own Productivity System

Blog: Roll Your Own Productivity System

What You Need on a Productivity System

  1. Task management, scheduling, and tracking
  2. Ticklers and followups
  3. Planning, Organizing, and prioritization
  4. Capturing, Consuming, and Resurfacing (Auto and Manual)
  5. Creating
  6. Collaborating
  7. Accessing/resurfacing/Leveraging
  8. Ease of Use
  9. Customizing A Productivity system has a number of compnents, Notes

Or is that really a matter of PKM versus task management?

Notion Logseq Emacs NeoVim VS Code
Tasks good
Ticklers good
Organizing good
Capturing exc ok
Creating exc good
Collaborating exc bad
Resurfacing bad ok
Ease of Use exc good
Customizing bad ok

Tasks Ticklers Organizing Capturing Creating Resurfacing