Why you can't work at work

Great little video from Jason Fried (ostensibly flogging Rework, 37Signals' new book) on why modern offices are constructed to optimize interruptions and why you and I spend all our time on weekends and after work getting real work done.

Offices are optimized for interruptions and interruptions are the enemy of work, creativity, and productivity.

And yeah, the fact, I am working at home while penning this, instead of out surfing today, is probably a good indication of it as a truism.

Seriously, I keep thinking my next place would be mostly virtual. On demand offices as we need them considering how much stuff can get done from home with IM. I do wonder how you reconcile the need to have people together though for creativity and solidarity and esprit de corps.

via BoingBoing.


815a80b @ 2020-08-10