Fog: Switch easily between cloud services

If you’re a CTO moving heavily into cloud services, one of the things that keeps you awake at night is what happens if one of your providers goes under or just becomes so unreliable you have to move. Let’s face it, lock in goes along with the cloud as the fact of the matter is you code to exploit a specific platform.

The amazing thing about Fog is that it acts as a universal interface in front of the cloud, allowing you to control a variety of cloud services though a unified API. It deals with both servers and storage already supporting EC2, Rackspace servers, vCloud and Slicehost and numerous cloud based storage vendors S3 and Rackspace Files.

The key here is the same code can interact with different cloud providers, so problems or the need to change off of one means minor changes in code rather than a very difficult re-write.

And that means you can switch between cloud services easily.

Definitely thinking of adding it as a layer in the next release of our app and already thinking about how I could use this for dead easy provisioning compared to what I have to do now.

via Ruby Inside.